Original! Contemporary! Travelling and field Circus of Art!
We will demonstrate our own time artists’ achievements in
its actual forms happening on the whole planet we live on.
Come! Interact with us! Bring to mass!

Currently the masterpieces of Art are dusting off.

Let our garden be full of flowers in blossom
and Street Art is growing as well.
Majestic Smile
MYNAMEISSPACE – is a community of artists, sculptors, designers, architects, poets and musicians, whose main target is the research of macrocosm and microcosm correlation in the context of the tech boom. Method of cognition – any artistic activity that aimed at broadening the esthetic perception of the viewer, the listener and its own master. The leaders of MYNAMEISSPACE claim that there is no final cause of their activity like bustling hosts of heaven and imaginary futility of sitar echo in the early morning forest.

  • Emiliya Kazandjian
  • Alexander Starih
  • Anton Farforov
  • Renata Fainshtroi
  • Vladimir Ratnikov
  • Dmitry Nikitin
  • Dmitry Grishko
  • Konstantin Malyutin
  • Timofey Caraffa-Corbut
  • Ildar Yakubov
  • Aleksey Krasilnikov
  • Ilya Fomenko
  • Artem Limonov
  • RDSisters
  • Maksim Tatarintsev
  • Anna Nasonova
  • Gleb Solntsev
  • Kitty Beres
  • Sergei Dedoff